Your one-stop shop for ecommerce services in China

China’s first comprehensive ecommerce services solution, providing all your operational needs. From website development, logistical fulfillment, to call center services. Let us do the heavy lifting for you

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China’s ecommerce market has matured more quickly than any other market, let Symio help you capture this opportunity

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China’s ecommerce market is expected to have a market value of $176B USD by 2014, work with Symvio to help you ride the big wave

  • We help you design and development your ecommerce website targeting the fastest growing consumers in the world

  • Our cloud servers, network, and hardware that host your ecommerce website are situated at world-class data centers with enterprise level IT management. We strive to optimally deliver your website to your customers

  • We help you manage your content on your ecommerce store, performing product updates, rollouts, and promotions

  • We manage your inventory and process your online orders from pick and pack to coordinating with national Chinese courier partners

  • We provide call center services to enhance your customer service and provide a personal level of interaction with your customers

  • We provide online marketing services through all the major Chinese social network, weibo blog, and ad placement on the Internet. Leverage our knowledge of Chinese consumer behavior to market your ecommerce site and brand

About us

Symvio is inspired by the word “symvíosis”, the phonetic Greek word for “symbiosis”, which describes a mutually benefical and interdependant relationship between two entities. Like the name of the company, Co-founders David, Calvin, and Ho Yin form a synergistic partnership. David with his extensive experience in the retail industry in…